Standard Assessment

Our basic assessment to allow you to understand your condition and manage your individual needs:


•    15 minute telephone consultation to determine the way forward – FREE.

•    Therapist visit to customer premises to assess the customer fully.

•    Basic recommendations for patient self-treatment provided on the day.



  • Initial Appointment - £100 for assessment and report.  *

  • Follow-up Appointments -  £40 per hour **


* Unless purchased with another package where the initial £100 will be waived. 

* Initial Appointment is a minimum 2 hour booking.

** Follow up visits to provide additional treatment will incur charges at our standard rates

Standard Plus Assessment

An advanced assessment with a more in-depth report of findings and recommendations with a managed care plan, which include:


•    Standard Assessment

In addition to:

•    Basic recommendations for patient self-treatment provided on the day.

•    A comprehensive assessment report in relation to your condition will be provided the within 7 working days, which will detail the required treatment and suggest potential next steps.

•    One follow up visit to discuss the report and agree next steps. *


Cost - £250


* Visits to provide additional treatment will incur additional charges at our standard rates.


Personal Independance Payment (Formerly Disability Living Allowance) Applications


Personal Independence Payment (PIP) helps with some of the extra costs caused by long-term ill-health or a disability if you’re aged 16 to 64. You could get between £21.80 and £139.75 a week. The rate depends on how your condition affects you, not the condition itself.


You’ll need an assessment to work out the level of help you get. Your rate will be regularly reassessed to make sure you’re getting the right support.  Engage Occupational Therapy can help you with this part of the assessment.


This service provides a one hour consultation visit to assist with application and a follow up letter for you to use with your application.


Cost - £100. This is a one hour visit and a further hour to complete the associated letter/paperwork

Therapy for Case Management

We work with dedicated Case Management Companies to provide therapy service as directed by the client.  Please get in touch to discuss the needs of your client and we can work with you to develop a treatment package that will be suitable for thier needs.


Initial assessment (including report and recommendations for future treatment) : £275.

Travel time at £30 per hour and £0.45 per mile.


Additional treatment sessions are costed at £85 per hour

Travel costed at £0.45 per mile and £30 per hour.

Seating Assessment

Sitting in the wrong sized chair can lead to discomfort as well as problems with pressure, postural stability, circulation, respiration, digestion and social interaction as well as difficulty getting in and out of the chair independently and falls.


We can provide a comprehensive seating assessment and if appropriate a follow up assessment with a bespoke seating company of your choice or from one of our preferred suppliers. *


* Engage Occupational Therapy do not provide the chair. We will work with you and our supplier to ensure that the correct chair is purchased for your needs, however the purchase of the chair will be from the supplier, not Engage OT.

Equipment Provision and Setup

There is no obligation to purchase equipment through Engage Occupational Therapy following an assessment, however we can procure and setup any equipment that is needed. Equipment will be procured from our preferred supplier list and we will provide you with a full breakdown of the costs for purchasing, setting up and providing instruction on the correct use.


Should you wish to purchase yourself, please advise your therapist.  We will provide an advice service to enable you to purchase the item and this will be charged at our standard rates.


Additional services and support, such as setup can be agreed following our assessment and will be quoted at our standard assessment rates.

Training for Carers

We can provide the following training to Carers:


  1. Equipment Training, including but not limited to Hoists, Bathing Equipment & Seating

  2. Moving and Handling

  3. Posture Management

  4. Fatigue Management

  5. Falls Prevention


If you have any other training requirement that you think we might be able to assist with, please get in touch.

Tailor made Care Packages

We can provide tailor made packages, according to your needs, which will run for a maximum of 6 months from initial consultation and must be paid for in advance or on a monthly basis by Direct Debit. The service is our gold standard designed to give you the highest level of access to our therapists. An example of what we can provide is:


•    Standard Plus Assessment.


In addition to:

•    Personalised planning of your care.

•    A weekly telephone call to monitor progress, provide support and evaluate your care plan.

•    One evaluation visit per month to assess progress.

•    Final Review visit where the next steps will be agreed.

•    Visits to provide additional treatment (on top of the evaluation visit) will incur additional charges at our standard rates and are not included in the package.


Cost – from £500 (prices are dependent on your needs & will be agreed in advance).


This service is completely bespoke and is dependant on your needs.  The cost, length & format of your care plan will be agreed in advance

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Engage Occupational Therapy operates a transparent and equitable charging system, at competitive rates.  There are no hidden costs – all fees will be agreed in advance of treatment and include assessment, treatment, administration and travel time.

 Payments Accepted














Standard Rates (Non Case Management)

  • Initial Appointment - £100 for first assessment and report.  

  • Follow-up Appointments -  £40 per hour

  • Daily/Weekly Rates or Block bookings can be agreed at a discount.  Please contact for details.

  • Mileage is charged at £0.45 per mile for any visits outside a 10 mile radius of DN14 5AD & is not included in the costs below.


NB: Equipment costs are not included in any of these packages and must be purchased separately.



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